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School Closing Guidelines: Inclement Weather

The decision to close school can be a difficult task because of the unpredictable nature of Michigan weather. Just as weather systems do appear without warning, there are times when weather systems do not appear as predicted. Please keep in mind that a forecast is a prediction. Even skilled meteorologists agree that not all watches, warnings and advisories materialize as predicted.

No school closing decision will be universally accepted, but it is helpful to understand that the decision to close school involves many factors including temperature, wind chill, visibility, city and county road conditions, location of county snow plows in the area, the ability to clear school parking lots and driveways, weather forecasts and the status of neighboring school districts. Other factors include the state day and hour requirement, family schedules, day care arrangements when school closes at the last minute and, most importantly, student safety.

Please click the link below for a detailed explanation of our guidelines.

School Closing Guidelines: Updated January 3, 2018

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2017-2018 School-Year Calendar

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