Internet Policy



The use of the district’s computer network, the internet and e-mail is a privilege being extended to staff, students, and community members. The following rules and guidelines will apply to all individuals using school district computers.

Internet and Electronic Mail Rules

The district reserves the right to amend these basic rules and guidelines on a regular, or as-needed, basis.  The following rules and guidelines apply:

  1. Access only those places on the internet, which are intended to be used for appropriate information retrieval, correspondence, and communication. Appropriate is defined as morally correct, free of antisocial behaviors, pornography, and any form of abusive or obscene behavior.
  2. Follow the copyright laws dictated by current governmental regulations. Many things found on the internet are public domain. Downloading pictures, videos, articles, or sound files is subject to approval of the lab supervisor.
  3. Visiting internet sites that may charge for services, software, literature, or other products is against school policy and is not allowed.
  4. Altering or defacing the district’s web pages in any way will subject one to disciplinary action.
  5. Downloading of unapproved files, programs, or applications is not allowed. Any downloading requires approval of the lab supervisor who will check for acceptability, legality, and lack of possible virus.
  6. Chats are allowed only under the supervision of the lab supervisor.
  7. In the case of accidental involvement with a questionable site or situation, consult the lab supervisor.
  8. Representing oneself as another person on the internet is not allowed.
  9.  Personal profit gain by using the district’s system is not allowed. It is possible to create advertisements for local businesses with permission of the lab supervisor. No staff member may sell the internet to an outside source without written permission from the Board of Education.
  10. Follow all outlined federal, state, and local laws pertaining to the Internet.

Computer Workstation and Network Rules

It is the sole intent of school district policy to provide and maintain the finest equipment and technology available to benefit students, staff, and community members. To maintain this standard and preserve equipment, the following rules apply:

  1. Treat all equipment as required by the lab supervisor.
  2. Authorization by the system administrator is required for access to the Control Panel or the Command Prompt.
  3. Run only those programs you know how to operate; get help with any others. Do not make alterations to the system. This is the job of the system administrator.
  4. Login or falsification as another user is not allowed. The security system protects the records and software of the district from unauthorized use.
  5. Do not open, alter, or erase work files that do not belong to you. Due to the need to move large files and to avoid viruses carried by floppy disks from outside sources, a share directory has been established on both the student and administrative servers. Do not alter or view files which are not yours.
  6. Avoid floppy disks from outside sources. Each outside disk should be virus-checked by a lab supervisor or system administrator. Virus protection is installed on the district’s system, but all viruses are not always detected. In the case of a lockout due to virus detection, get help from a lab supervisor or system administrator immediately.
  7. Make sure all computers and related lab equipment are attached to surge protection strips.
  8. Always store your files in two places. The student share is for temporary storage only.

Consequences of Breaking the Rules

Rules, as listed in the student handbook, apply.  In addition, failure to comply with the computer and internet rules and guidelines may result in a loss of computer and/or internet privileges.

Reinstating Privileges

The guidelines outlined by the school administration will be used to reinstate internet, computer workstation, and network privileges.

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