2016/2017 Transportation Trivia


·        Imlay City Schools provides transportation for the Imlay City & Dryden Districts both districts consists of approximately 140 square miles.

·        The department has 21 regular drivers, 5 substitutes, 1 mechanic, 1 secretary and 1 director.

·        Imlay City owns 25 buses and Dryden owns 4 buses.

·        The department has 92 regular daily runs for approximately 16,652 school year runs.

·        We have taken athletic and field trips totaling 523 for Imlay City and Dryden.

·        We have safely driven a total of 461,924 miles.

·        We travel daily roads as far as M24 to Capac Rd and Clearlake Rd to Hough Rd.

·        There is normally a bus on the road from 5:40am to 5:15pm with the exception of 2 hours a day.

·        We used approximately 58,661 gallons of fuel for a total of $106,583.05.  Our fuel costs are about $588.87 per day.