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Music Retailers (instruments, accessories and sheetmusic)

Port Huron Music Center  www.porthuronmusic.comis a local music dealer that offers superior repair technicians.  PHMC services the Imlay City Band byproviding supplies and instrument repair. They visit our schools at least once per week to pick up instruments forrepair and to deliver supplies.

J.W. Pepper is a great resourcefor purchasing music for the Solo and Ensemble Festival.  You can also visit the store on 14 Mile in Troy.

Woodwind and Brasswind is a mail order company that often will have competitiveprices when purchasing a new instrument or accessories.

Cascio Interstate Music is a mailorder company that often will have competitive prices when purchasing a newinstrument or accessories.

Music Schools


CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MUSIC - The CMUSchool of Music's faculty's reputation as outstanding performers,conductors, composers, and, most importantly, educators is known throughout thenation. Students in the school immediately sense an unyielding commitment toquality music education on the part of each faculty member.


EASTERNMICHIGAN UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MUSIC - The EasternMichigan University Department of Music strives to promote lifelongmusical learning, to prepare students for professional careers in music, and toadvance the cultural life of the campus, community, and beyond.


MICHIGAN STATEUNIVERSITY SCHOOLOF MUSIC - The School of Music at Michigan State Universityis known throughout the United States and in many parts of the world as aleading professional training ground for composers, conductors, performers, andmusic educators, historians, theorists and therapists.


OAKLANDUNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC, THEATER, & DANCE – Oakland University'sDepartment of Music, Theatre and Dance is a leading center ofperforming arts education in southeast Michigan, offering outstandingeducational and performance opportunities to undergraduate and graduatestudents. The department offers a range of academic degree programs in variousconcentrations. MTD students enjoy small classes to learn and grow asmusicians, actors and dancers in a collaborative and supportive environment.


THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN SCHOOL OF MUSIC - Founded in 1880, the Universityof Michigan School of Music is one of the finest performing artsschools in the United States.Encompassing programs in dance, music, musical theatre, and theatre, we areconsistently ranked among the top performing arts schools in the country whencompared with performance-oriented conservatories or with prestigious academicdepartments of music.


WAYNESTATE UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC - Founded in 1918, WayneState University's Department of Music has earned a reputation forexcellence in the USand abroad. Many members of the music faculty, including musicians from theDetroit Symphony Orchestra and some of the area's finest jazz and vocalartists, have toured throughout the world as performers, clinicians, conductorsand composers. Likewise, students in the department's ensembles have woninternational competitions, toured Europe and Asia,and enjoyed repeated invitations to perform at major festivals and conferences.The department also is known for its preparation of music educators.


WESTERNMICHIGAN UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MUSIC - The School of Music atWestern Michigan University is dedicated to music as an art form thatele4vates the lives of all who experience it; that embraces and transcends theentire range of human emotion, expression, and community that is vital to thecultural enrichment of society.


Summer Music Camps

InterlochenArts Camp in 1928, is the first and foremost camp of its kind, offering both visual and performing arts campprograms for student artists in grades 3-12. Interlochen's 1,200 acre campus is located in northern lower Michigan, and is situated between two lakes. It isa setting that is beautiful, inspiring and offers many recreational andartistic opportunities.

Blue Lake Fine ArtsCamp is nestled inthe beautiful Manistee National Forest in Michigan's western lower peninsula, is asummer music camp with art, dance, and theater programs for talented youngpeople, who come from all parts of the country and all walks of life.

Wolverine Camp hasconsistently offered the best in music instruction in an ideal geographicalsetting in Northern Michigan for 39years.   Enrollments are limited perinstrument so sign up early.    

CMU Summer Music Camp(site under repair)  is open to all highschool keyboard, string, woodwind and brass and percussion instrumentalists.Students interact with CMU faculty members, perform in chamber ensembles, andparticipate in full orchestra or concert band in our state-of-the-art concerthalls. While at Music Camp, students stay in the CMU residence halls, eat inthe dining commons and experience college life first hand. The camp issponsored by the School of Music and CMU’sOff-Campus Programs.

CMU Drum Major/Color Guard (siteunder repair) CMU’s Drum Major Clinic is open to drum majors with advancedskills, and new drum majors with no experience.  Youwill learn: Advanced marching skills, Field leadership and motivation,Effective conducting skills and Score and drill comprehension

Music Theory


MUSICTHEORY.NET - Welcome to Ricci Adams' To begin yourjourney into the realm of music, please select a lesson, trainer, or utilityfrom the lists below:


G MAJORMUSIC THEORY - This siteconsolidates GILBERT DEBENEDETTI'S work in Music Theory. Each set ofpages grew out of a need in his own teaching. When he first started at the Pittsburgh High School for the Creative andPerfoming Arts (CAPA), Mr. Debenedetti could not find a workbook appropriatefor his high school students. His idea, which developed into a series ofworkbooks which he calls, "Pathwaysto Harmony, was to write a transition, in small step by step increments,from music fundamentals to first year, Schenkerian-influenced, college theory.


EMUSICTHEORY.COM- Learning musicis like learning a new language. You need a good teacher to show you the ropes,but you also need to practice what you're learning -- a lot -- before it willfeel natural and easy. The games on this website are more fun than writing inanswers on paper, or doing problems in a book. Plus, you know right away if youget one wrong (and sometimes the game can give you a hint).


MUSICARDS.NET- Welcome toMusicards, an ever-growing collection of highly-customizable online music theory flash cards. These musicflashcards can be used by beginning music students who are becoming acquaintedwith key music rudiments, all the way up to intermediate and advanced studentswho wish to fill in gaps here and there or increase fluency with existingknowledge.


TEORIA MUSIC THEORY WEB - variety of tutorials and exercises; some quite advanced.


VIRTUAL PIANO - any chord or sclae in seconds! Use this tool to look upany chord or scale. Simply pick the root (whether "C" "F"or "G"), then the type of chord or scale and watch it appearimmediately on the screen. Check it out...

Jazz Links



JAZZ AT LINCOLN CENTER - Jazz - we play it, we teach it, we write it, we dance it, we sing it, wepresent it, we photograph it, we film it, we produce it, we archive it, werecord it, we broadcast it, we commission it, we celebrate it, we love it, weshare it. Welcome!


VISUAL JAZZ PUBLICATIONS - Jazz materials for performers and educators.


JAZZ PRACTICE LOOPS -  Thiseducational site offers play-along practice loops in many keys and jazz stylesto assist students with improvisation practice.


PLAYJAZZNOW.COM - Practicing jazz should be fun. That's why we created a series of jazzplay-alongs — to help you enjoy building your improvisational chops, no matterwhat level you are or what instrument you play.

Music Software


SIBELIUS- Sibelius is the worldmarket leader in software for writing, teaching and publishing music. Itspecializes in creating and distributing innovative, high-quality software thatis easy to use. With products for composition, coursework, testing, reference,playback, publishing, authoring and e-commerce, Sibelius covers every aspect ofmusic.


FINALE - MakeMusic, Inc. is the worldleader in software and systems for music educators and musicians. Among ourleading products are Finale®, the world's best-selling music notation softwareand SmartMusic®, the complete music practice system that features IntelligentAccompaniment® and the world's largest interactive accompaniment library.

FINALENOTEPAD - Finale NotePad® 2007 is your FREEinvitation to the world of music notation software! Find out how fun and easyit is to transform your musical ideas into beautifully printed music bydownloading NotePad 2007 today!


SMARTMUSIC - Students neverpractice alone when they have SmartMusic at home. Thisinteractive, computer-based practice system helps students get better faster,and makes practicing more fun. With amazing accompaniments for more than 30,000titles, challenging exercises, and the ability to record personal CDs,SmartMusic is the future of music learning. With SmartMusic loaded on acomputer, students plug in a vocal or instrumental microphone and beginpracticing. They play or sing their part with accompaniment and receive, inreal time on the computer, detailed feedback on their performance. Ideal forwoodwind, brass, string, and vocal musicians of all levels.


BAND-IN-A-BOX- PG Music is a leadingdeveloper of computer software for composing, arranging, performing, recording,and editing music for the professional musician, student and hobbyist alike.Our company is committed to providing new and innovative computer programs thatcreate great sounding music as well as teach by doing.

Other Links

Michigan School Band& Orchestra Association (MSBOA) www.msboa.orgMSBOA is an association of over 1700 instrumental music teachers.  This organization runs many of the Festivalsthat we attend.

MSBOA District 3 is our local “thumbarea” district.  This group manages allDistrict level Festivals.

Support Music   Music and the arts are vital to everychild's education. Is your child's music program in danger of being cut? Thissite offers effective tips for taking action and the latest evidence of music'simportance.  Revive your community'scommitment. Use to face the challenge head on. You CAN make adifference!

Brightspark  Brightspark Travel handles the bi-annual ICHSBand trips to destinations such as Orlando, Florida and New York City.