5th Grade Band

April Band Calendar

Important Band Information

• Please call Mrs. Campbell (721-9257) or Mrs. Cutler (810-417-1552) with any band questions. Starting in November, students will be given a monthly practice sheet. They will record the number of minutes they practice their instruments each day and return the sheets at the end of the month. In Middle School and High School, practice sheets are required so this helps create good practice habits.

• 5th Grade Band begins at 7:30 AM in the Borland music room. Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Cutler arrive between 7:15-7:25 AM. Students do not need to arrive before 7:20 AM. Students are dismissed from band each morning to go to breakfast and all band students will report to the cafeteria after band. They will take instruments with them, place them against the cafeteria wall, eat, and then take them to lockers when breakfast dismisses.

Mrs. Sally Cutler


Mrs. Jill Campbell